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The need for respiratory and intensive care nursing as the result of illness is a severe interruption to the lives of you and your relatives. Not just yourself as the patient,....


The outpatient respiration care nursing is funded according to your specific medical care and general nursing care requirements....

Therapeutic Network

Normally, you will receive all medical treatment through your local general medical practitioner on an outpatient basis. Where necessary additional.....

Outpatient Care

Our aim is, that as a patient, you can remain in your own familiar surroundings for as long as is possible. We want to make your everyday life as pleasant and comfortable as we can, so that you can enjoy your.....

Nursing Care Advice

The person concerned and their relatives often find themselves confronted with the fact that their need for nursing care has either come about rather suddenly, or else has just slowly crept in. Normally one is fairly.....

Planning Leisure Activities

As long as there are no medical objections, you may determine your own leisure activities as you wish, in spite of the home respiration and intensive care that you are receiving....

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Carmen A. Maute

Owner and Nursing Management:

Carmen A. Maute
Diploma in Nursing Management
Specialist Nurse in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care nursing
Nurse for out-of-hospital ventilation
Independent expert for Assessments in the field of nursing

Introducing Our Nursing Service

Our main emphasis lies in artificial respiration and full-time intensive care nursing. As home care providers, we take care of you in the familiarity and security of your own home, where we can readily adapt to your own individual needs and wishes. We want you to feel well at all times and to maintain as much quality of life as possible in your current situation. We design nursing teams according to your own specific needs – thus enabling you to structure your day the way you are used to, whilst providing you with the specialized care and nursing that you depend on.

Some facts about myself:

I was born in Stuttgart and raised in “Oberschwaben” – this area of Southern Germany.
Having finished my vocational training, I worked for 18 years as a specialist nurse in the Hospital for Anaesthetics and Transfusion Medicine at the University of Tübingen in Southern Germany. During this time I particularly appreciated not being limited to the boundaries of my profession by taking care of patients of all age groups (from premature infants to the elderly) both medically and from the point of view of nursing.

I studied Nursing Management in Freiburg (Southern Germany) and Portland (USA) and qualified with a Diploma in Nursing Management. Following this I worked in leading positions in various sectors of the health care system. I am very experienced in the field of Ambulatory Nursing. „Breathing” and „Coping” with Pain have always been on the agenda throughout my professional career. I feel I'm going back to my very roots now by offering a respiratory care nursing service dedicated individually to my patients (and their relatives). I shall meet this challenge full of commitment and with all the empathy I'm capable of, especially since I'm familiar with this field of nursing not only as a manager, but as a practising nurse as well.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you!
Carmen A. Maute

About us

We are a dynamic company with high professionalism and extensive work experience. Our main emphasis lies in the home care of adults and adolescents aged 14 years and older that are in need of artificial respiration and intensive care nursing. Our team is composed of certified care and geriatric nurses and healthcare professionals.
All of our permanent staff are either certified artificial respiration home care nurses, or have received the training through their further education in anaesthetics, intensive care and respiratory care nursing.

Of course we also provide standard mobile home care

We are contractual partners with all health and care insurance schemes.

Our catchment area

We provide our artificial respiration and intensive care nursing service nationally, with the emphasis currently on Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz. We provide standard mobile home care in the Esslingen area.

We are a member of

Job Vacancies

In the field of artificial respiration and full-time intensive care nursing we are looking for:

  • specialist nurses in anaesthesia and intensive care
  • home respiration nurses
  • certified nurses and healthcare professionals
  • certified elderly care nurses

In the field of mobile outpatient health care and nursing we are looking for:

  • specialist nurses in anaesthesia and intensive care
  • home respiration nurses
  • certified nurses and healthcare professionals