Concept of Nursing

On developing our model for professional nursing care, we concentrated our focus on the recognition that – compared to our nursing staff – our patients are in a completely different situation. The patient is continually in a position of having to receive our help. Hence it is important that the relationship between nurse and patient is not one determined in any way by the concepts of „superiority” or „power”.

This relationship should indeed be a „neutral” one, which requires the cooperation of both nurse and patient. Our aim is to reach complete satisfaction for our patients and their family members, at all times treating them with esteem and great respect.

We are committed to this not only by Articles 3 and 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, but also by the European Equal Treatment Act which came into effect in 2006. This yields an obligation to respect each individual´s human dignity and to treat one another in a respectful manner. Our nursing processes are indeed characterised by such human devotion and respect. Based on modern nursing skills and taking into account the financial considerations, we strive to enable our patients to stay independent in their own familiar surroundings for as long as is possible and to make their life at home both a safe and pleasant one.