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Home Respiration and outpatient Intensive Care Nursing

The need for respiratory and intensive care nursing as the result of illness is a severe interruption to the lives of you and your relatives. Not just yourself as the patient, but also your entire family will most likely already have had to come to terms with a long period of suffering and illness. So it is hardly surprising when the nursing relatives sooner or later reach a limit in their own capacity and abilities, both mentally and physically. Relief usually only comes once professional nursing care has taken over. This is where we come in. This support can only operate effectively if the nursing staff have the appropriate expertise in respiratory and intensive care nursing, and in particular, if they have specialized qualification in invasive ventilation. Our team fulfils these requirements.

In addition, we also offer a comprehensive 24-hour care package to those patients with a diagnosis requiring invasive ventilation and intensive full-time medical care support. We also care for people with mask respiration (non-invasive ventilation) and those with an open tracheostoma (windpipe incision). Individual care measures can always be adapted to the current needs of the patient.

Our nursing care concept is aimed towards patients (paying regard to their medical conditions at all times) being just temporarily dependent on the tracheal cannula and home respiration respectively. One objective for example, can be to successfully wean the patient from these external respiration measures entirely. Those patients requiring permanent long-term ventilation will be accompanied by us together with other occupational therapists in a most committed, dedicated and professional manner at all times.

It is important to get to know you personally, in order to be able to provide you with an optimal home care package based around your own individual needs.

Reasons for outpatient home respiration

Although the reasons for home respiration may not be particularly spectacular at first glance, the effect for the person concerned can be of invaluable importance:

  1. your daily routine is for the most part self-determined again
  2. your quality of life is better, more comfortable and more flexible compared with a nursing home or similar nursing care facility

Further important reasons for respiration care at home are:

  1. the risk of infection is greatly reducedy
  2. the costs are much lower than placement in a nursing care facility 


The outpatient respiration care nursing is funded according to your specific medical care and general nursing care requirements. The statutory regulations for specific medical care needs are provided for by the Social Security Statute SGB) V, whereas those for general nursing care are provided for by the Social Security Statute (SGB) XI. The funding for specific medical care needs is provided for by your health insurance cover, funding for general nursing care by your nursing care cover.

We would gladly assist you further on this matter.

As a general rule, you are legally entitled to choose to continue to live your life within your own home environment and to receive all the necessary nursing care in the surroundings of your own home.

Therapeutic Network

Medical treatment

Normally, you will receive all medical treatment through your local general medical practitioner on an outpatient basis. Where necessary additional practising specialists (pulmonologist – lungs/respiratory system, otolaryngologist – ears/nose/throat) will be consulted. HNO etc.) konsultiert.

Other occupational groups

We see ourselves as part of a therapeutic network. On the prescription of a physician, you may also receive the following treatment at home: physiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech therapy. Here you will also be treated by local practising therapists.

Outpatient Care

Our aim is, that as a patient, you can remain in your own familiar surroundings for as long as is possible. We want to make your everyday life as pleasant and comfortable as we can, so that you can enjoy your life and maintain the quality of your life.

We offer you competent outpatient nursing care on the basis of the Social Security Statute (SGB) V and XI. Therein you find the statutory regulations for the provision of both general nursing care and specific medical care.

Planning Leisure Activities

As long as there are no medical objections, you may determine your own leisure activities as you wish, in spite of the home respiration and intensive care that you are receiving. Would you like to visit an event or performance, go to the cinema or take part in some other activity? Our staff will assist you in every possible way.

Even trips involving overnight stays are no problem. We advise and support you with all the necessary planning and organisation and our staff will accompany you and take care of you during your trip just like they do at home.

Nursing advice for our patients / clients

The person concerned and their relatives often find themselves confronted with the fact that their need for nursing care has either come about rather suddenly, or else has just slowly crept in. Normally one is fairly well informed on the subject generally, but eventually the time comes when one is in need of more concrete advice and assistance. In this respect it is important from the point of view of a thorough and complete nursing care package, to provide personal and individual attention and support to the person concerned and their relatives, which takes into account all aspects concerned.

We gladly advise and assist you on these matters:

  • application for care level classification
  • clarification of the costs
  • training and assistance for relatives in the home environment
  • measures to improve the home environment
  • medical aids and equipment